Tying an Albright knot

Editor's note: When it comes to tackle, no one is more detailed than Aaron Martens. Because of this affection for the finer details in tackle, Aaron Martens is known as the "Tackle Doctor" amongst his peers. From time to time, within his "The Natural" column on Bassmaster.com, Aaron will be demonstrating specific tips in video format. Enjoy!

No knot is perfect for every situation or every type of fishing line. I use quite a few — maybe even more than most of the other Elite Series pros. I'm also constantly experimenting and trying new things, new knots and even working on some knots of my own to come up with better connections for my fishing. I really believe that successful fishing is not one big thing; it's hundreds or thousands of little things, and if you do them well, they'll pay off for you in the end.

When it comes to knots, there is no question I get asked more than how I connect my leader line to my main braided line. For that reason, our first Tackle Doctor video will be on the Albright Knot. This knot is exceptional when tying lines of different strengths, especially light lines like Sunline FC Sniper or Shooter under 10-pound test. Check it out:



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