Tough all around

After prefishing here for several days, this is shaping up to be the hardest tournament of the year. So far, I think it is. Part of the reason is because the blueback herring have already spawned out and are largely MIA. The bass feed aggressively on the herring during their spawn, and that is always fun and good fishing.

Lobbing a topwater into the roiling water where a school is feeding will usually produce a keeper. However, the chances of that happening are much slimmer this time around. A school or two may blow up by someone, and that's what you hope for. Otherwise, it's going to be a tough event.

Little Alton is hopping on a plane to head back for the Bass Champs on Choke Canyon, then on to the championship. However, he'll be moving on in a greater sense in that this may be the last tournament he goes on the road with the whole Jones clan. He's going back to school and will have a lot of obligations on that end.

It's looking like the camper will be a little lighter for next year. He'll probably come along for an event here or there, but for the most part he'll be busy. He's ready for this step and we're proud of him. Check back next week as we head on down the road to Paris, Tenn., and Kentucky Lake!

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