Time to make a move

Jared and Jake Turnbloom caught 16-4 on Day 1 and have wrangled up a small limit so far today in Little Harris, but their hydrilla mats have not produced any big bites, and now they are ready to make a move.

Yesterday, the duo used a ChatterBait to catch fish, including a 6-pounder from this particular area. They also used a frog later in the day to catch some quality fish.

The duo has been throwing speed worms around the grass to catch most of their fish.

Jake and Jared have battled boat problems all week but have overcome those issues to make it on the water this week.

Meanwhile, Lubbat and Landsberg have not been able to upgrade and haven’t caught a fish in a while.

They have continued to throw a topwater and a speed worm but have only managed to catch a mudfish.