Tiebreaker odds

It’s 2020, the year when anything and everything is off, so why not add a tiebreaker to Championship Saturday? Take a look at the BASSTrakk standings and there is a very real possibility it could happen.

Derek Hicks, Cody Bird, Stephen Browning and Matt Robinson, 1st through 4th, respectively, all have 31 pounds showing up on the scoreboard. Hicks is only 7 ounces behind, Browning is next with a deficit of 11 ounces, and Robertson is 14 ounces out of the lead. 

There is no tiebreaker rule in place for determining a winner in the Bassmaster rulebook. Determining a winner shall be down by a fishoff between the two anglers tied for the lead.

A timeline for that process, if needed, will be determined by Senior Tournament Manager Chris Bowes at today’s final weigh-in.