Thompkins needs the right line

Timmy Thompkins, who entered Championship Saturday in fifth place, is making headway this morning on Cherokee Lake. The key, he said, is the right lineup.

After boating his second keeper, the pro from Myrtle Beach, S.C. explained that the fish he’s targeting are positioning in a specific manner, relevant to bottom composition.

“There’s a sand/pea gravel transition and I think they’re sitting on it,” Thompkins said. “I knew if I got the right lineup, I’d get ‘em.”

Thompkins is catching his fish on a Ned rig. He noted that he had to go to a lighter head size because his starting rig kept getting hung in the boulders dotting his area.

He’s trying to drift his bait just over the tops of these big rocks, but Thompkins noted that the wind is making it challenging to do so. He’s locked in on what he needs to do, so focus and consistency will be his allies.

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