Third hour update

Hour two may have set us up for some disappointment. On Day 1, the third hour was the best hour of the day with 104 keepers. Today’s third hour only produced 73 keepers.

That’s a sizable drop off but the pace is still strong. Pipkens is leading with 60 pounds and change. At this time yesterday, Chris Zaldain was atop the leaderboard with 30 pounds and change or close to that. So the winning pace is still there.

We have 20 Elites with limits on both days, which is probably similar to yesterday.

The fishing remains good, though. There’s an average of one keeper showing up for every angler on the water. Ronnie Moore’s stats tell us the average size of those keepers on Day 1 was 3 pounds, 7 ounces. That’s obviously some great fishing, and a reminder as why this lake is the number one tourist destination for bass anglers.