Things are happening for Livesay

I’ve been sitting on Lee Livesay as he’s scratched out a limit that has him hovering at the top of the leaderboard.

We are in a very sensitive, very shallow backwater. And he’s been able to catch a limit, plus cull a few times. Nothing overly big. But enough to be close to the top of the board with 8 pounds and change.

Then he went around a corner where we dared not to follow. Too shallow and we’d never want to ruin his chances even though he said “come on if you want.”

We decided to stick. Possibly not a good move. After about 10 minutes of him out of sight and no reports from BassTrakk we figured he’d be back soon.

But just a moment ago a rodeo broke out. There were enough screams and yee haws that it sounded like a rodeo or Livesay just caught a big one.

We are sticking. Waiting for the return. But things are happening in the dark corners of this swamp.