Into the teeth of the giant

So far four of our 10 have raced off, or actually bumped and jumped, into the teeth of the giant.

Paul Mueller, Chris Johnston, Taku Ito, and Clark Wendlandt are bouncing their way into Ontario at the moment. All of them, along with their cameramen are soaked at the moment.

Cory Johnston came for about a mile and turned and headed back to the lake. Surprising that Brandon Palaniuk has come through yet. He’s normally the biggest daredevil in the field.

We are still at Cape Vincent and now Taku Ito appears to have turned and is heading back to the river. He had to have gone several miles before giving in to the pain and agony of the ride. Or giving into the realization that his efforts were futile.

Undoubtedly there will be some of these places that produced so well the last few days that aren’t fishable.

The beast of Ontario and wind continues to growl.