Switching to Biffle

I lost Hartsell on one of his moves and have slipped over on Tommy Biffle.

Surprisingly, Biffle only boated 1 keeper on Day 1. But felt like he could still make up ground. We've seen him do that many times in the past.

I was able to slip in close enough to get a report. At the moment, he's yet to catch a keeper. He feels like it's tougher than the day before, but that good things could come.

He's looking south at the clearing skies and hoping the sun will soon overtake the cloud cover that is blanketing the lake at the moment.

"Things could really change for the better if that sun will hurry up and pop out," he said. "I think that's why it was so tough yesterday."

He pointed out into the lake,  and said, "I've got some real good stuff out there that if the sun will break out, I can catch them on."

I can't help but think that's the same thing Hartsell is waiting on as well. Both of these anglers have similar styles. But we are at the midpoint of the day. And while clear skies can be seen in the distance, they are taking their time getting here.