Swindle’s fashion statement

Gerald Swindle, the crowd-favorite Elite angler from Guntersville, Ala. never lacks for colorful commentary and he did not disappoint on Day 2 of the Basspro.com Bassmaster Eastern Open on the Kissimmee Chain. Explaining how he caught a limit of 18 pounds, 2 ounces, Swindle credited the flexibility afforded him by his choice of active wear.

A pair of $9 silver basketball shorts.

From Walmart.

That was Swindle’s option when he stopped for gas halfway to Florida last week and realized he had left his suitcase at home. Too far to backtrack; too costly to have it mailed to his destination, Swindle hit the local big box store and added a couple pair of shorts and a pack of cheap underwear to the only clothes he had in the truck — the pair of jeans he was wearing and two extra sun shirts.

“I noticed that when you’re reeling in those big ones, I really get in the Crouching Dragon position a lot better,” Swindle said. “Not the deep knee bend that (Mike) Iaconelli used to pull off, but I got lower than I normally would because of the freedom.”

Apparently, the store Swindle visited had a limited menswear selection and, upon further consideration, he opted to leave one pair of shorts in the bag.

“My red ones were so flashy I was scared to wear them, so I’ve worn these (silver shorts) five days in a row,” Swindle admitted. “I haven’t washed them yet and if I make the (final-round) cut, I’m not washing them tonight either. I think sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. I could have let this spin me out, but it ain’t the end of the world.”

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