Swindle plays til the whistle

Gerald Swindle simply ran out of time at Lake Dardanelle in 2014 when he finished second by four ounces to winner Jason Christie. He was catching bass - good ones - on almost every cast in the last 30 minutes on the final day. He's seen that late bite be a major factor previously on the Arkansas River - in 2011 at Little Rock.

"I caught two big ones at the end of the day when Denny (Brauer) won and I finished third," Swindle recalled Friday.

So he was fully focused in the final hour yesterday when he caught a 5-11 and a 4-pounder at Lake Dardanelle. Those two fish accounted for more than half his weight in a 16-11 bag that put him in 11th place. You know Swindle will "play 'til the whistle blows" today, as the football expression goes.

"When it got to 2 o'clock, I said, stay settled because there's something about this lake and this river system," he recalled. "They seem to bite late every time. So I do know the history of this river. It's kind of a vote of confidence. It makes you stay focused and see what happens."

Swindle needs another late flurry. BASSTrakk currently shows him with four fish weighing 6-4 today.

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