Sunshine helping Combs

The sunshine has certainly helped Keith Combs today. He’s on a post-spawn type pattern that really is helped by the sunshine the lake is getting today.

The proof is in the pudding, sort of. Combs started the day in 16th, and some worried he might share some of the same hometown jinx that befell Lee Livesay. Combs is doing his best to keep that from happening.

He’s currently in third place in the standings and has cut Pipkens’ lead to a manageable 9 pounds or so. Combs has four keepers that weigh in at 13-7. That’s nothing to write home about, but he does have a 5 and 3 ½, both of which can help build a nice, come-from-behind stringer.

Of course Pipkens could jump in and start breaking hearts at anytime with his honey hole. Combs, though, at least appears to be making certain if he goes down, he goes down swinging.