Staying put

Since Stetson Blaylock started in this small lake in The Fingers, the tide had dropped around 1 1/2 feet. Possibly 2 feet. And it’s still got another potential 2 feet to go. 

As it drops some of these beds become more visible. And we are seeing him set up on places where beds are or should be. 

Still a lot of time for everyone. And the tide seems to be getting better for everyone. Blaylock, though, seems to be resolute at standing his ground. 

He fished once around the pond. Then Koby Kreiger showed up. He was on his way out, caught his third fish then made the decision to go back in.

“I may lose,” he said. “But I’m not going to lose and give up my spot.”

He’s back in the pond and milking away. Kreiger on the other hand is idling out. 

Judging by activity on BASSTrakk, the fish are starting to bite. 

Cory Johnston has a limit. John Crews is working on them. All of the sudden the leaderboard is tightening up on the top side. 

Lots of things are happening. I will note that BASSTrakk has Blaylock with 4 pounds. His three fish are closer to 5 pounds. More like 4 3/4 pounds. But that could be the case for everyone.