Spawners and post-spawners

They’re both probably too far back to make a serious charge today, but yesterday Jordan Lee rediscovered the wolfpack of post-spawn bass he’d found in practice and Jacob Powroznik found the bass on spawning beds that had him feeling so optimistic prior to the start of this tournament.

Lee weighed the biggest bag of Day 2 ­– 21 pounds even – with only four fish, which included a 7-pound, 7-ounce bass.

“I found this spot on the last day of practice,” Lee said. “I knew there was something special about it. I had two really big ones on two casts with a (Strike King) 5XD, a 6 and a 7. But (Friday) was so cloudy and windy, those fish never got there. I fished it three times and never caught a fish off of it.”

Lee weighed only three small ones on Day 1 to finish in 37th place with 8-6.

“I was running options (Saturday) and decided to hit it one more time at noon,” he said. “My first one was that 7-pounder, and it had a whole school of 5- to 7-pounders with it. I caught a 6 and a 5 in the next 15 minutes.

“There are giants there. I’ve never seen anything like it. The size is just unbelievable. There aren’t any small ones.”

Then there’s Powroznik who watched bass pairing up and “rubbing” over spawning beds at 2 p.m. yesterday.

“They’re spawning. If they stay, it could be awesome,” Powroznik said. “There are so many giants here. If somebody puts together five of them, it could be really, really good.”

Powroznik started today 15-11 behind leader Brent Ehrler. Lee is 13-14 back, which is remarkable since he’s weighed only 7 bass over two days.