South end of Drayton Island

Patrick Walters and Lee Livesay have both landed on the south end of Drayton Island, just at the mouth of Lake George. 

Both have fished here all week. And the area really showed out on Day 3 for Walters with over 30 pounds of bass. 

Most of those came well into the day. It’s slow right now. The heavy clouds and front are possibly having an impact on the bite this morning. Walters has had several swings and misses. But none of the big ones have latched on. 

The wind is borderline gassing. And we are all bobbing in the waves. It’s not terrible yet, but with a constant NE wind it could get bumpier as the day progresses. 

Traditional fishing wisdom would say cloudy, windy spring days are what you want. But I got a feeling these guys would like just a little more sun and warmth to keep up the pounding they had going yesterday. 

It’s still early, though. Lot of things can happen. We are just hoping for it to happen sooner than later. 

You would have to believe there are adjustments coming if it doesn’t happen soon. That’s when we see the true nature of this game and the players in it.