Smallest limit of the week?

Of course, there’s emphasis on the heaviest 5-bass limit in any bass tournament. Lake Travis has produced four 20-pound bags the first three days, with Ray Hanselman’s 21-15 on Day 1 topping the list.

But as further proof of Brandon Palaniuk’s quote about the fine line between 6 pounds and 26 pounds on Lake Travis, there’s this: The lightest 5-bass limit caught this week belongs to Cliff Prince, who had five 14-inch keepers that weighed a total of 6 pounds even on Day 1. The second-lightest limit was Matt Lee’s 6-5 on Day 1.

Few have been immune to a light limit on Lake Travis. Gerald Swindle had five weighing 7-1 yesterday, and Kelly Jordon had a limit of 7-5.