Slow morning on Day 1

A slow start to a cool morning here at the Bassmaster Open at Lake Norman. 

So far this morning, it seems the early bite may not be the trick. After covering a few anglers, a trend is becoming apparent  slow fishing, very few bites, and only one or two small fish in the livewell. 

Michael Webster, boat 121, arrived at his first spot only to discover that the fish he found in practice have seemed to move out. Webster believes the recent cold front definitely has something to do with it. With the change in pressure, water temp and the recent cool nights, the fish may have started moving out of the shallow water to push deep. That being said, he will be looking to change things up a bit later in the day.

Webster has one small fish in the livewell. He started his day looking for the morning topwater bite, and will later transition into a drop shot in deeper water.