Slow at the moment

It’s obviously slow on Lake Cayuga at the moment. If you are a BASSTrakk watcher that is very obvious. A feature of BASSTrakk is when an angler catches one, you get this little green/chartreuse line that highlights his name.

Click on that and you can see the record of that catch. Lately though it’s been pretty black and white, which is obviously slow for the field.

It’s interesting to watch if you are a fan. You will almost always see one or two catches. But at some time later today, you can almost mark the time when in just a few minute span when the fish all seem to turn on.

The whole list will go from black and white in one minute to several minutes of green lines from top to bottom. Watching that take place while knowing that those green lines are scattered all over the lake makes it very interesting.

The guy who figure out why and how to make the whole lake trigger like that could be a gazillionaire in no time. But so goes the mysteries of fishing.