Slow go for Stanfill

Andy Crawford is shooting a photo gallery with yesterday's runner-up Bobby Stanfill. He's got 3 keepers in the boat and is obviously frustrated with the lack of progress. 

"They are just being ornery," he said, when Andy asked if the weather change was the culprit. 

Stanfill is repeating his Wednesday game plan, which is running and gunning through a series of cane piles located on main lake points. 

"They didn't bite well, were very tentative, coming up and nipping at the bait," he told me yesterday. 

A fall turnover, rising water, and scattered fish following roaming schools of blueback herring were reasons he gave for the unpredictable bass behavior. All of those factors relate to bass and bait suspending and roaming during a typical fall turnover. 

Stanfill is using a topwater, which he is retrieving as fast as possible across the cane piles. Yesterday, his 16-pound 8-ounce limit was filled throughout the day. Stanfill told Andy that he would continue grinding it out, hoping to be on the right place, at the right time.