Skeet's morning commute

This morning did you get stressed about being late to work due to a traffic jam? If so consider what Skeet Reese is going through to get to his office as I type this blog.

Reese is making a one-way run of more than 100 miles from the launch site in downtown Orange to his fishing area near Houston. He will pass oil tankers, cargo ships from abroad and cross part of the Houston Ship Channel.

Reese also must pass through a lock that only opens one time each hour.

“I’ve got to get there by eight o’clock or it’ll put me an hour behind,” he said this morning.

Being an hour late is no good when you only have a couple of hours of fishing time before having to turn around and backtrack to the weigh-in site. Get there too late and the entire day is a bust.

If anybody can overcome such obstacles it’s the veteran from California. There are other variables involved, too. Getting to work on time is one thing, and the other is making the brief window of fishing time line up with the tide.

“For me it’s all about survival, getting those AOY points,” he said yesterday. Reese is currently third in Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year.

In a couple weeks he will be 49 years old, and winning another AOY title (he won in 2007) would be a great way to celebrate his 21st year on the B.A.S.S. tour.