Setting up for explosiveness

If you want to get an idea of the explosiveness of this lake you only have to look at the top 10 in the standings.

Coming into this event, there was considerable talk about who could break the century mark in weight. A lot of pundits knew it would be a palooza of 100-pound plus stringers. The locals, though, weren’t so sure. We are about a week or two too late for the unbelievable weights a spawning event can provide, and we are about a week too early for the consistency of a post-spawn bite.

Still, as Lake Fork always does, it’s showed out as the premier lake it is.

After Day 2, a cursory glance at the weights, and thinking all things would stay the same (even though they never do) it appeared as if only the top two anglers had a shot at breaking 100.

Those two, Chad Pipkens and Drew Cook, have for the moment fell way off the pace. But judging by what we’ve seen this morning, there’s a whole new crop of guys who could hit that mark. They would, of course, have to continue to catch them today and really catch them tomorrow, which is possible.

As the sun continues to beam down on the lake, and more and more fish make the moves to the anglers off-shore, things could really start setting up for a real explosion by the time this derby is over.