Scan or not to scan?

With technology being such an important part of tournament fishing these days, there are times when it's not necessarily a helper. This morning we covered Denny Feidler as he fished a bank in 1 to 3 feet of water, which doesn’t require the use of electronics. Feidler is unofficially sitting in first on BASSTrakk with 11-8 today.

This afternoon we are on Andy Hribar, who was in fourth place as of this morning. Today he has only one fish so far. Hribar has spent the entire day scanning his deep water spot, using a drop shot with very little action. He has not abandoned his pattern or done anything different because he can see the fish are still there. So the question is, do you keep scanning and pray they finally decide to bite; or do you cover more water and try to catch fish on the bank?

Watch the leaderboard today to see which strategy paid off. 

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