River running

James Overstreet reports varying conditions on the river, although it’s a dangerous run from end to end. 

“I’ve lived around this river all my life and never seen the size of the trees and stuff coming downstream,” the Bassmaster.com photographer said. “There aren’t many guys running full throttle out on it, that is for sure.”

He makes a good point. A twig sticking above the surface can be connected below to a tree the size of a bass boat, not unlike what you see in the picture submitted by Overstreet. 

Not surpirisingly he’s not seen any boats fishing out on the main river channel. The action is in the creeks. The water is clearer. 

“The water coming into the creeks is keeping those areas flushed out and the mud out on the river,” added Overstreet. 

Interestingly, the water is also clearer near the lock and dam system leading into Kerr Reservoir. That’s where Overstreet guesses one-half the field of 194 boats is now. The reward is a pool much more expansive and holding more creeks and backwater areas. The clearer water is likely a key draw for the anglers.

The risk is getting back on time. All those boats must lock through to make the weigh-in on time or forfeit crucial ounces and pounds due to late pentalities.