Registration begins

The angler meeting is getting ready to start and the best anyone can gather is this event will be nothing like the 2008 tourney.


That's to be expected. In 2008, the Bassmaster Television Show and Paul Elias put this place on "must-fish" list of every bass angler in the country.


How much different you can never know. Fishermen are notoriously sandbaggers.  And they are never satisfied. Just because it's not as good as it was 5 years ago, doesn't mean it's still not worth the trip. But a lot of guys are crying the blues. Take this exchange for example:


"Dude, last time we were here I was culling 6-pounders. Now I can't even catch a 6-pounder," Scott Rook said to Chris Lane.


"Yea, but I still would bet we'd see 42-pounds leading after tomorrow," Lane countered.

"How much you want to bet?" Rook replied.


"Not much," Lane said, looking at Kevin VanDam for confirmation. "How about 38 pounds?" Lane said.


VanDam shook his head.


"Then maybe 36," he questioned.


VanDam shook his head, then added someone might catch 30, but nothing like what we saw before.


"So 20-pounds could be pretty good, huh?" Lane asked.


VanDam nodded. The message was clear: At least in the eyes of those anglers it's much different. But 20 pounds a day still makes for a pretty good event.