A real live success!

This past week was a week I had been looking forward to for a long time. It was the week I got to go live on Bassmaster.com. It's kind of been a work in progress, because we originally had this "Day on the Lake LIVE" scheduled for Falcon Lake, and I was looking forward to treating you all to lots of giant, hawg fish. But, with the security situation down there as bad as it was, we decided to move it somewhere safer.

That's why we broadcasted from Fayette County Lake in central Texas. I knew we'd catch a lot of fish there, including some good ones, and it turned out to be an absolutely perfect week. David Hunter Jones and Nathan Benson — both from B.A.S.S. — handled all the technical work and were a joy to work with.

The fishing was good enough that we got to do some fishing off camera and get to know each other better and become closer friends. We've worked together for a while, so it was a really special time for me. However, the highlight of the week was going live. This was the first time I've ever done the live version, and it was amazing how many people logged on to view and how many folks asked questions. I really appreciate those of you who did.

We really whacked 'em. We caught seven or eight fish in a row up to 6 pounds on an XCalibur XR50K One Knocker rattle bait. All in all, we had nearly 20 fish and a best five weighing in the neighborhood of 20 pounds.

Once the camera was off, we went fun fishing again and had a really neat occurrence. It was something you don't see very often. We had a big old bobcat walk down to the very edge of the lake. While we were watching him, another one came out from the woods. They got their feet wet then eased up into some grass. We were about 30 yards from them. It was spectacular. They're beautiful, majestic creatures, and it's things like that that make getting to spend so much time outside special.

This weekend and into next week, I'll be spending time with my family and getting ready for the holidays. I've got a bit of Christmas shopping to do. I have to admit, I haven't bought Jimmye Sue's present yet, and that's something I'll be working hard on this weekend. I don't like letting that go until the last minute. Anyhow, thanks again to those of you who logged in for "Day on the Lake LIVE", and if you didn't, check it out. We'll talk again next week. Stay tuned!