Ray Roberts fish few and far between

Anglers met up at the angler registration and, of course, talk turned toward what each experienced in their three days of practice Friday through Sunday.

A group of (from left) Drew Cook, Matt Herren, Brad Whatley and Frank Talley chatted for a bit in the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. Like most all Texas fisheries, the 29,000-acre lake an hour north has big bass, but they commented it’s not loaded with fish and finding bites has been inconsistent, even sporadic.

Cook said he’d catch one on a tree, then a bush, but there was really no rhyme or reason. Most the others nodded in agreement.  

Herren, who won the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Ray Roberts in 2016, chimed in that the guy who could find a pattern, figuring out exactly why the bass were where they were, will do well. Ain’t that the truth.

The anglers have one more day of practice to unlock the mystery that is Ray Roberts’ bass. Wednesday is also a dress rehearsal for B.A.S.S. as it prepares for the biggest celebration of bass fishing.