Proud moment

Do you know how hard it is to pitch a no-hitter in baseball? Actually I did it once. I was pitching for the Edmondton Terrace Tigers. Eleven years old. Little league.

So let me rephrase the question. Do you know how hard it is to pitch a no-hitter in the big leagues? Let's go a step further and make it a perfect game. 27 up — 27 down. It's next to impossible. In the history of baseball, only 20 pitchers have ever done it. That's how next to impossible it is.

Well, last spring, Phillies ace Roy Halladay pulls it off with a perfect no-hitter against the Marlins. History is made, as he becomes the 20th to accomplish such a feat. Now normally the next thing that happens is a few days go by, dust settles, and a ceremony is held before the game with players, coaches, and a full house honoring this player for what he has achieved. Management then presents the honoree with a gift such as a new sports car or something equal. That's kind of what happened in Philadelphia with Roy Halladay. It occurred before the game, with everyone there including 45,000 fans. Yeah they had gifts with the first being the rubber that had been taken from the mound that Mr. Halladay used to pitch the game.

The big surprise came with the next gift and this is where the sports car would come out on the field ... normally. Now bass fishermen, this is where you can look around and say "Oh yes, I just happen to be a bass fishermen myself." In front of 45,000 baseball fans, while standing at home plate, Roy Halladay was asked to turn around and look at the massive Jumbo Tron in the center field stands. That's where the video of our very own Skeet Reese appeared letting Roy Halladay know that he had earned a bass fishing trip with Skeet, after the two of them had wrapped up their seasons.

As I understand it, six sport cars couldn't have taken the place of one Skeet Reese at that moment. Just think of that setting with Skeet on the Jumbo Tron talking to the soon-to-become, young award winning right hander.

If you don't know, the Cy Young is presented to the best pitcher in the National League, and at the end of the season Skeet Reese would bass fish with that person. I know I'm a little biased, but I like to turn that around and say that the Cy Young award winner would fish with Bassmaster Classic champion — Skeet Reese.

At any rate, what a proud moment for bass fishing, and I'm extremely proud that we had an angler like Skeet carrying the banner for us all. As you know, here's a bass fisherman that has been pitching perfect games for several years now. But has had some tough luck to go with it. Well, here's hoping this adventure was uplifting for Skeet and his family.

Lot of good things going on at B.A.S.S., and I hope you have a good holiday coming up. You will next hear from me on Christmas Day, as I have an unusual story to share with you.

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