Pre-tournament forecasts spot-on

The Elite Series anglers often get accused of low-balling in their pre-tournament predictions, which are based on three days of practice. It’s tough to make an accurate prediction when often you’re not setting the hook on the bites you get, and you’re simply looking for bites, not exploiting those spots. But in the case of Ross Barnett Reservoir, the forecasts were pretty much spot-on. Consider the following, gathered prior to the anglers’ meeting Wednesday.

“I’ve fished here a lot over the last eight or nine years,” said Brock Mosley. “It’s only about an hour from where I live. Being consistent is real hard to do on this lake, any time of year.

“I think 64 pounds is going to be real strong this week. Somebody is going to catch 20 pounds one day, then come in with 9 or 10 pounds the next. It always happens that way here.”

First-day leader Brandon Card is a prime example of what Mosley was referring to. Card caught weighed 22-14 on Day 1, 11-0 on Day 2 and 6-10 on Day 3. Mark Davis is another example with daily totals of 20-10, 11-4 and 6-14.

If Dustin Connell reaches his goal of 13 pounds today, he’ll have 65 pounds, a single pound more than Mosley predicted.

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