Power and finesse

What’s so cool about what’s in store this afternoon on Lake Lanier is the contrasting styles of angling. I have access to the BASSTrakk map and it displays a very noticeable separation between the group of anglers fishing up the lake and the others choosing to target spotted bass on the lower end. Power fishing is in play up lake with crankbaits and jerk baits being used in the stained water. Down lake, of course, are the finesse guys video game fishing with swimbaits for suspended fish preying upon blueback herring.

It’s going to be fun to watch on Bassmaster LIVE, because both sets of anglers are very much getting dialed in to the bite.

What else is going to be cool about tomorrow is it’ll all change again. The spotted bass are ever on the move and there is another low pressure system taking aim on the lake. The forecast calls for a 70 percent rain chance with wind and plenty of cloud cover.