Plan B for Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston already knew before the day began that change would be inevitable.

“Typically in overcast skies the new fish don’t move up, and I’m seeing 90 percent of the fish that I am catching,” he said. “That’s not good because I’ve caught most of the fish in my area, and the few that remain have gotten smart and won’t bite. I’m probably going to have to move around.”

Depleting the fish is one thing, and so is fishing pressure. Johnston and Shane LeHew are sharing a 500 yard area with only a few sweet spots. They have leaned hard on the spots and there aren’t many left. The rain is coming and that will shut them down even more.

“I’m probably going to have to go to plan B early on, and deep drag a Carolina-rig and drop shot over the deeper humps in the river,” he explained. “All I want to do is get to Championship Sunday.”

The sunshine returns and when it does, Johnston plans to return to his shallow fish in the hopes the area recharges and he can go for the win.