Party in Little Harris

We have a made move to the south end of Little Lake Harris into what locals call the Double Run area and have found eight to 10 boats around a clump of hydrilla mats.

Teams in this area have been throwing a mix of topwater baits, speed worms and jigs in and around the mats.

The second-place team of Tyler Lubbat and Calvin Landsberg are part of the crowd this morning and have a small limit of fish, catching all of their fish in the first hour of the day.

Yesterday, Lubbat said their first seven bites were 25 pounds, while today their first seven bites have been around 10 pounds. The wind has slowed their topwater bite a little.

“We might need to weed through a couple of little ones today,” Lubbat said.

Garrett Guinan and John Paul are also fishing the same general area but have worked their way out of the crowd.

Yesterday they landed in 48th-place with 12-7 in the same area and have a small limit of fish today.

They have used a mix of baits to catch their fish, including a speed worm and a Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog.

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