Palaniuk putting on an insane show

Brandon Palaniuk feels like he's back in his high school wrestling days. His mouth is dry and he's nervous. And he's putting on an insane show of smallmouth bass catches. 

"What is happening right now?," said Palaniuk after landing the third one in this flurry and the biggest one. "The last 45 minutes have been insane."

Palaniuk said he had five clones yesterday when he weighed 20-5. He has mentioned clones again today in describing what's in his livewells. But that last one wasn't a clone. BASSTrakk shows him in the lead at 1 p.m. with 19-12 on the day 78-7 for the tournament. He's got more weight than that today. But it's likely that Seth Feider, Jamie Hartman and David Mullins also have more weight than indicated on BASSTrakk, which shows those four guys within one pound of each other.