Palaniuk: Fish for second place, win a truck

Brandon Palaniuk (8th, 12 - 2)

With Patrick Walters holding a 25-pound lead, or more, over the other nine finalists today, Brandon Palaniuk summed up the goals for him and the other eight "also-rans," saying, "Fish for second place, win a truck."

The Toyota Tundra Big Bass Award - a new Toyota Tundra pickup - goes to the angler who catches the biggest bass in this four-day event. Seth Feider's 9-9 on Day 1 leads. When asked if he thought that would be the winner, Feider said, "I'd feel a whole lot better if it was an 11-pounder."

As Lake Fork's history has proven, there are a bunch of double-digit largemouth bass in this 27,700-acre lake. Palaniuk, who began the day in 4th place with 53-10, believes he hooked one that size the first day on a 7 1/2-inch Storm Arashi Glide Bait. Palaniuk said he's caught a 9 1/2-pounder on that lure.

"I think this one was bigger," he said. "I've never hooked one and not been able to turn it. It's not like you're throwing it on a small rod. It's a 7-9 extra heavy. You don't set the hook and it stop. This one, I set the hook and it just stopped. It loaded the rod to its max. It just thrashed around, and then it came off."

Palaniuk plans to swing for the fence with that glide bait today more than he has the previous three days, if the weather is right.

"I need sun and wind," he said. "Sun will help position the fish, and wind breaks up the surface where they'll feed a little better."

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