Only a few days to go!

I'm looking forward to Falcon so much I can't see straight. We're leaving Sunday and probably staying through Wednesday, so by the next blog I'll have a fishing report for everybody.

The water was about a foot low a few days ago, but now it's back to 1 1/2 feet high again. That's not indicative of rainfall; that's just how much they're adjusting the dam flow between Falcon and Amistad. With just that little bit of fluctuation, I expect there to be a tremendous topwater bite. I plan on having some stories of blowups and fish I didn't hook.

In the meantime, it's time to do some hunting. My and Little Alton's hunting and fishing licenses expire soon, so as soon as he gets out of class at Baylor, we're going to go get new ones. We'll get some shells for dove season, which opens the first of next month.

We're not the only ones who are getting ready for dove season, though. As I was getting the shotguns out, the dogs started going berserk! It's amazing how much they can tell just from your actions. All I had to do was open the gun safe — which I do frequently, so that didn't do anything special. When I pulled out the bag with the shotguns, they went nuts. They're very intuitive and observant.

Poor Sandy, she's 10 and hasn't hunted in two years. It's kind of sad, because I don't want to take her hunting due to her age, but she really wants to go. It's been a hard transition from a hunting dog to a pet. It's almost heartbreaking watching her because she thinks she's fixing to go hunt. It kills her not to go, but it would physically kill her to go.

Grace, our younger pup, is still figuring things out, but she's going to be an excellent hunting dog. We're going skeet shooting this afternoon to shake the rust off.

I've also been involved in the planning process for two of the charity events I'm a part of: LifeLine Youth and Family Services and another for Dallas Theological Seminary. I'm looking forward to both of those and getting the logistics planned out. Next week I'll have a full Falcon fishing report and several photos. If all goes as planned, I'll have a new personal best to tell you all about!