One big fish can change a day

It’s amazing how one big fish changes the complexion of a day, possibly a whole event.

Up until about 10 minutes ago the start of this event was crawling along. We’ve set on DeFoe, VanDam and Martens. Very little action in our time on those guys.

Personally I was beginning to wonder if I made the wrong choice by staying in Louden.

But our second stop on DeFoe made those decisions worth it. DeFoe told us he had three in the boat since we left him last, including a decent smallmouth.

We decided to stick with him a while longer and it paid off. DeFoe caught what might be the biggest bass of the derby.

It looked much bigger than it weighed when he caught it. But it weighed on his scale right at 6 pounds.

The normally reserved DeFoe let out a rebel yell and he jumped from oblivion into the lead.

The quiet slow morning has all of the sudden changed. Fireworks were in order. But we will live with the pace of this event getting ratcheted up all of the sudden.

DeFoe still needs another for a limit. Not sure a 6 will be seen. But you have to believe the hometown favorite knows he’s in a great position.