No slip-ups allowed at Lake Champlain

Brock Mosley has noted how you can’t slip-up, even in the least, and expect to compete for a Bassmaster Elite Series title at Lake Champlain. But this place redefines what can be called a slip-up. Mosley was in 5th place after weighing 19-13 Thursday; he caught “only” 19-2 and dropped two places in the standings Friday.

“This is the kind of place where you can’t make up any ground,” Mosley said. “You’ve got to catch ‘em every day. Otherwise you’re going to fall pretty quick.”

Yes, it’s a stretch to say Mosley slipped-up on Day 2 of the Bassmaster Elite at Lake Champlain. But there were five anglers who slipped out of the top 10. Leading the charge among the newcomers atop the standings was Koby Kreiger, who jumped from 26th to 3rd with a 22-pound bag. Only 12 ounces separates leader Jamie Hartman and second-place Seth Feider. And only 3-14 separates first from 10th place.

As you can see in the comparison’s below, Lake Champlain is fishing strikingly similar to how it did in the 2017 Elite Series event here, even a little stronger at the top of the standings. There will be no slip-ups allowed for anyone hoping to make the top 10 for Sunday’s finale.

Day 2 7/28/177/31/20
Total anglers10885
Limits caught 10783
% catching limits99.0%97.6%
1st place38-842-4
5th place  37-739-1
10th place 38-1438-6
25th place 34-1235-9
40th place33-533-13
50th place 32-232-11
75th place  29-1228-11
Big bass 5-86-6
Bags 18 lbs. or over 1625
Bags 19 lbs. or over 812
Bags 20-lbs. or over 25
Total fish weighed539423
Total weight1,687-61,417-2
Ave. wt./bass3.13.lbs.3.35 lbx


Day 1  7/27/177/30/20
Total anglers   10985
Limits caught 10785
% catching limits 98.2%100%
1st place     21-122-1
5th place      19-819-13
10th place  18-1219-6
25th place  18-018-3
40th place  17-017-2
50th place 16-916-7
75th place 14-1114-0
Big bass  6-16-2
Bags over 18 lbs.       2528
Bags over 19 lbs. 713
Bags over 20-lb. 34
Total fish weighed 539425
Total weight  1,732-121,425-4
Ave. wt./bass 3.21 lbs.3.35 lbs.


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