No 'fishing god' here — yet

Elite Series anglers often get accused of "sand-bagging" after the days of pre-tournament practice. They'll predict a tough bite and then have big days once the tournament begins. However, no one was sand-bagging before this one. Carl Jocumsen, who has lived near Chickamauga Lake for over a year now, said it best.

"If anyone catches 15 pounds a day, we should bow down to him. He's a fishing god," Jocumsen said after practice.

We don't have a fishing god to bow down to in this tournament yet. But Lee Livesay is getting awfully close. He's got 12-14 on BASSTrakk, which usually equates to about 2 pounds more than that when the bag hits the official scales. So Livesay's getting real close to 60 pounds — right at the god-like status of a 15-pounds-per-day average.

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