Nania dialed in?

Joey Nania revealed what I was curious about what might pan out this week on Neely Henry. That is mixing a particular technique into a junk fishing arsenal of lures.

Nania lives in Pell City, Ala., which is located on Logan Martin, the next fishery below Neely Henry on the Coosa River.

“What I’m doing is like a home lake deal,” he said.

Nania is picking up a finesse jig more than any other lure. He’s also narrowed his junk fishing to a small area, offering a variety of habitat. That makes sense, considering the wide open, running and gunning necessary for most junk fishing. Less time running and more time fishing goes a long way here.

What else is key for his strategy is the 5-pound largemouth he caught on Thursday. Just catching a limit is a challenge, upgrading is only possible with a kicker fish, which he caught, adding confidence to his game plan.

I also just checked the Alabama Power generation schedule. The generators are idle from one end of the lake to the other, a Weiss Dam and Neely Henry Dam, respectively. Yesterday the generators began operating at midday.