Mueller pulls the plug

Following Steve Wright’s prediction earlier in the blog, Mueller knew when to pull the plug. 

At just a few minutes before 1 p.m., Mueller passed check-point Cape Vincent. 

Looked to be going about 15-miles per hour, crawling over these waves and slipping through. He’s about an hour earlier than I expected our first arrival. Not too far behind him is Johnston, also crawling and busting through. 

They are back to the river now. Clark Wendlandt is the only angler on the lake who remains.

But he shouldn’t have any issues either. These waves are big and nasty. But our previous anglers know how to traverse them. 

They may be wet and hurting a bit. But at this moment apparently unscathed. 

Wendlandt is an old hand at this so we don’t expect any issues for him.

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