Mueller near the juice

Paul Mueller has been slowly putting together a limit on new water so far this morning. He just dropped his fourth bass into the livewell, which was the biggest one so far today. Maybe a 2 1/2-pounder.

That fish put him unofficially in the lead for the day, according to BASSTrakk. He’s staying cool and calm considering the tough fishing conditions, but that’s also likely due to the fact his best water is coming up.

“I wanted to wait until 10 to fish my good stuff, and it’s 10,” he said. “I’m headed to it, but I wanted to expand a bit on what I had going on yesterday, so I started closer to the river and it paid off.”

There are a couple other recreational anglers in here today, but Mueller believes they won’t affect his game plan.

“With these conditions, it’s critical to fish slow,” he said. “I’m covering water, but picking it apart as thoroughly as I can. It’s about getting my lure in front of an active fish, and that might mean swimming the bait passed several inactive fish to find the one that will eat.

“As the day goes on, more fish will fire up.”

Mueller is on four looking for five, and his good stuff is coming right up.