Mosley - Mr. Consistency of late

We settled on Brock Mosley this morning. After watching him on practice day catch a good one and get several bites it seemed like a great choice.

Mosley has been Mr. Consistency of late. A title that hasn’t been used for decades and last attributed to Ricky Green. He’s made 7 of the last 10 final days in Elite competition and normally in a very laid-back style. A lot like Green.

Today he has one 2-pounder and several bites that won’t keep. But he’s staying loose. Like most of the field he’s focusing on flooded greenery. It’s providing the bites. But they seem to be just pulling at it and not taking it.

That could all change with more or less wind and certainly more sun. But like always he’s not to worried about any of it, at least for now.