Mosley finally tries “The Horseshoe”

Brock Mosley’s early 16-pound limit, which has him at the top of the leaderboard, produced some dramatic video for “Bassmaster LIVE.” Mosley detailed how he’d been waiting all week to go to the area just below Wilson Dam known as “The Horseshoe.” He needed the current flow to decrease and other anglers to clear out before he felt comfortable enough to try it.

Mosley started the day in a 5th-place tie. But most of his success has been later in the day. So this seemed like a good time to try throwing a spinnerbait in the rapids below Wilson Dam, and it proved to be. Mosley is off to his previous haunts now.

“I think I need two 5-pounders to have a shot,” Mosley said. “It’s been better for me later in the day. Rain is coming. I know these river fish bite better when the weather is nasty.”