More retro with Lintner

Add Jared Lintner’s name to the list of anglers using retro baits. In Lintner's case the choice is an original Luhr Jensen Speed Trap.

“They still make it but the original action is different than the current versions,” said the California native. “I started using it years ago and it’s got a very unique action for a square bill.”

Coincidentally, the 1/4-ounce oldie is the last he owns.

“I would go swimming for it should it get hung.”

Also in use is a lipless crankbait and another retro action lure. That choice is a Storm Original Wiggle Wart. Alternatively, Lintner is using a Jackall TN/60 lipless crankbait.

As I noted before, Mark Menendez is using a unique skirt color on a homemade spinnerbait that he first used in the early 1990s. The skirt color was first used by former world championship contender Elroy Kreuger in the 1970s.

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