Menendez; slowly but surely

Mark Menendez caught one decent bass to start his day from the first dock he came to. Very thoroughly, he worked a crankbait, a jig and something else carefully past every dock piling that he could.

No stone left unturned, as they say.

He did dodge a bullet however, as he fired the big motor to head to the next spot. It sounded off with far too many rpms, an obvious problem.

After removing the cowling and talking to a motor tech on the phone, Menendez determined it was a simple throttle linkage adjustment that was needed. In all, he had everything working to specs in only a couple of minutes. 

It pays to be good at diagnostics, adjustments and/or repairs when it comes to your boat and motor. Menendez is capable.

He’s back to picking apart every square inch of dock No. 2 on the day, and if I were to guess, fish No. 2 will be In the box shortly.