Memorial Day fun in the sun

We had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, and I hope you all did as well. Memorial Day is always fun, not only because of the time that we get to spend with family and friends, but also for the time that we get to stop and reflect on the heroes that we have serving in our military, as well as all of those who have served in the past.

The reason that we all get to enjoy the freedoms that we do — also why I get to be a professional bass fisherman — is because there are folks who have paid and who are willing to pay the ultimate price to protect those freedoms. I’m really thankful to be able to live in this country.

For celebrating, we had a whole armada of house boats and other boats tied up in a flotilla for jet-skiing and skiing on Lake Waco. All told, there were three Skeeters and about 30 people. My job was to catch and cook the crappie that we had for supper last night. I love crappie fishing.

When I’m not bass fishing, I’m probably crappie fishing. We caught a bunch of fish and had a great time. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent a full day on the water and not bass fished. I only fished for about two hours, and the rest of the time we were swimming and jet skiing and doing all the other things that bass fishermen hate.

I almost felt guilty jet skiing, because they’re usually casting targets to a bass fisherman! But, it was nice to chill out by the water and get a little R&R.

Sometimes in tournaments you lose the relaxing aspect of being on the water because there is so much pressure and tension and a lot riding on every cast. So, to be out there and be on the water with friends and family was really special.

When I blogged last week, I had just got down to Lake Falcon. The first day was great, but each day was better than the last! It turned out to be one of my best Falcon trips ever. My advice would be to quit your job, and do whatever it takes to get down there as fast as possible. It is on like I have never seen it.

The last day we were there was Wednesday, and in a single day we boated 195 bass. Our biggest was a 10-6; our best five weighed 45 pounds. There were a bunch of 5s with an 8 and 9 thrown in every now and again. If you’ve never experienced fishing like that, it’s hard to describe how much fun it is.

Usually on Falcon, you have to spend time finding fish, but any place that’s ever had bass on it has bass on it right now. It’s simple. You can find any rock bank, toss an XCalibur square bill and start catching fish until your arm is worn out. Or, you can get off of that same bank a little bit and toss a Fat Free Shad and catch ones that are bigger. It’s not fishing over there right now, it’s purely catching. If you can stand the heat, now’s the time.

I didn’t catch my personal best, and I’m a little disappointed in that because it felt like the golden opportunity, but I never hooked one that felt like it might have been. Nevertheless, the 10-6 got within a pound of it. After we get done with this Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race, I’ll line up another Falcon trip.

Before I go back, though, we have to go to the Arkansas River and Wheeler Lake in Alabama. I’m looking forward to those, so stay tuned as next week I’ll have Little Rock on the brain.

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