Me, in a music video? You bet!

Well, there was something that I really had to bite my tongue on last week because it wasn’t quite ready: I was in a country music video, and it was a blast!

No, I’m not taking up singing, and if you ever heard me sing, you’d know why. I’ll leave that to Casey Ashley. I have a friend here in central Texas who’s a songwriter. Her name is Rita Jones (no relation), and she has written a fishing song. She would like to sell it to an artist in Nashville. We put together a fun video to help it get some exposure, and I think it came out great.

We filmed it over the course of about a week, maybe less. It’s the story of most of us who work and wish we could go fish more often. Check out my country music video debut here.

That was last week, and this week I’m in preparation for another trip to Falcon. It’s going to be a short trip; I’m going to go down this weekend and get a day or two of fishing in before I’ve got to come back. I’m always looking for that next chance to break my personal best, and this is the time of the year — especially when the water is down — when those big ones are really exposed. If you want to go down and have the chance at the fish of a lifetime, Falcon is the place to be from now until December.

Both of my daughters are playing volleyball, so our weekday afternoons are filled with practice and games which is lots of fun. We home school our daughters but there is a local private school called Live Oak which allows home-schooled kids to play sports so they don’t miss out on that. I’ve got to say, they’re getting pretty good at it, too.

Oh, and since my wife, Jimmye Sue, has returned I’ve been relieved of my Mr. Mom duties. I’m very grateful for her return to Waco. I tell you what, I’ve never appreciated the work that she does around the house more than I did during this past week when she was on her trip. However, I did learn some valuable skills: Put the clothes in, then soap, then push go. So I had some clean underwear by the end of the week. I was worried about the house being a disaster when she returned, but all in all, Kristen, Jamie and I did a pretty fair job considering there are 10 pups running around.

Speaking of the puppies, they’ll be six weeks old this weekend which means that they can go to their new families. They are running, jumping, and playing full speed. It’s been amazing watching their transition and their energy level going up and up in just a few weeks. The one we’re keeping is named Rio, which is Spanish for river. Her full registered name is Psalm 46:4 Rio Jones. We always try to give our dogs meaningful Bible verses, and this Psalm reads: “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the place where the Most High dwells.” I think it’s very fitting. She’s also nearly potty-trained. We have all the puppies accounted for except the three males. So, if anyone is interested in a championship blood-lined yellow Lab, look me up. They’ll make great hunters. Letting them go will be hard, but I’ll be at Falcon this weekend so it will hurt less, I hope.

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