MDJ goes shallow

Mark Daniels Jr. has gone three hours since his last keeper, the 3 pound, 4-ounce smallmouth. That’s his biggest fish of the day. About an hour ago Daniels ran north of the highway 212 bridge for the first time since we’ve been covering him, which includes Sat., Sun. and today. He fished deep for about 30 minutes, drop shotting, then moved shallow and is throwing a Whopper Plopper.

Really crazy that MDJ has spent three days drop shotting, and now he’s throwing a Whopper Plopper shallow. He told us he threw one in practice and caught about 30 smaller bass.

Daniels has a nearly 4 pound lead in BASSTrakk. But he still has two 1 pounders in his livewell. If he were able to catch a couple of two pounders Daniels could seal this deal.