Martens suddenly hot

Aaron Martens has caught two good ones in the last 15 minutes — one that weighs almost 3 pounds and another in the 2 1/4 range — giving him a limit. And he just added another, so he's culling. But he only has about 9 or 10 pounds. That's according to James Overstreet, who remains on the water while I'm in the media trailer.


This storm is feeling imminent now, and the wind is picking up.


Our boat is being repaired, and we've got plenty of rain gear, so we'll see what happens from here.


Finally, in just one more example of Brandon Palaniuk's grace in the face of disaster this week, he just offered to be our camera boat driver, if we needed one.


If the storm wasn't close, I'd love to take him up on that offer. But I think he's been through enough rough water this week.