Lucas, Bertrand season review

If Justin Lucas and Josh Bertrand were to finish second and third today, like they were after Saturday’s weigh-in, Lucas would have a 9-point lead over Bertrand in Toyota Angler of the Year points going into the AOY Championship next month. Both  were in contention for the title at 12:30 p.m., so their official AOY points after today’s weigh-in aren’t likely to vary much from those unofficial ones based on the Day 3 standings.

It’s interesting to look back on their seasons and see how they’ve arrived at this point. Bertrand did it slow and steady. He hasn’t missed a Top 50 cut, and this will be his third Top 12 finish. Lucas has done it with a sprint over the last four events – all Top 12 finishes.

 Lucas started the season hot, with a 6th-place finish at Lake Martin followed by a 13th at Grand Lake. Then came his Waterloo – 73rd-place at Kentucky Lake. As you can see below, Bertrand placed 6th at Kentucky Lake, creating a lead that has taken Lucas four-straight Top 12s to erase.

Tournament             Bertrand       Lucas

Lake Martin               20th                 6th

Grand Lake                46th                 13th

Kentucky Lake           6th                   73rd

Lake Travis                26th                 48th

Sabine River              44th                 10th

Miss. River/Wis.         30th                 11th

Lake Oahe                  8th                   9th

St. Lawrence River    1st                     2nd