Lowen and Hudnall

As we enter the morning break from Live on Championship Sunday, we’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Derek Hudnall and Bill Lowen, 9th and 10th respectively, to begin our day. 

We rolled the dice and started on Lowen who got off to a slow start hitting isolated pads with a buzzbait. Once we left the Mossy Oak Pro, he put three fish in the boat for roughly seven pounds and we’ve rejoined Lowen for the second half of the day and he’s in his comfort zone...cruising the riverbank and junk fishing with a flipping stick. 

Full transparency here, I’ve taken some additional pleasure in covering Lowen today as the Hoosier native is the lone survivor of my fantasy fishing team at Bassmaster.com 

Hudnall, who made a last minute decision to skip on his original starting spot, made the turn in the river to an area where he’s done the majority of his damage this week. The Louisiana native found an area in practice that admittedly reminds him of home and he’s settled in flipping cypress trees. 

He’s got an assortment of Missile Baits tied up on the deck of his Skeeter and he’s working his plan. 

One note for Hudnall in the afternoon will be the wind. The wind hasn’t been his friend this week and he’s concerned about the potential of a rough ride back to the ramp in the afternoon. 

Depending on what his livewell looks like after lunch, he noted that he may head back early in an effort to ensure he’s on time and safe.